AIRBUS 320 Flight Crew Procedure Data Package - Airbus S.A.S

AIRBUS 320 Flight Crew Procedure Data Package

By Airbus S.A.S

  • Release Date: 2014-04-13
  • Genre: Industries & Professions
4 Score: 4 (From 5 Ratings)

Book Details Summary

The extensive use of computer-based training technology provides a significant degree of “portability” to Airbus courses, allowing instructors to conduct ground school classes at any location. Now you can use simple, intuitive multi touch gestures to navigate Airbus training products on your tablet. Please stop wasting money and time on third party torrent downloads or second CD ROM and download it from store today.

Please note that this product should not be used as a reference for commercial operation. Airlines should refer to their own manuals due to customization  and local regulation. This product is designed for pilots to engage a unique reading experience  and explore endless possibilities of tablet.

Please enjoy the latest build of A320 Procedure Data Package (PDP). If you support this idea to read all your training documents, CBTs, PDPs, or other materials line pilots need on tablet, please rate this product and drop your valuable comments.

Original A320 PDP course is reformatted and divided to following sections for better reading experience.

1. Introduction to A320 PDP
2. Normal Operations
3. Approaches and Landing
4. Abnormal Procedures.
5. Supplementary Information.

*Bugs fixed on module Descent, Go Around, and ILS Approach

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Feedback Reviews

  • No updates!

    By A. Oghatian
    The presentation is extremely useful on the iPad for quick reviews of the SOPs, flow patterns and simulator preparation but unfortunately, this is only PDP (Rev 9) which is at least 4 years old! It would be much nicer for a product that is 'being sold' to give an update every once in a while, specially since Airbus keeps updating their operating procedures very frequently. I am aware that the revision 13 or 14 is already out by Airbus, and I hope that the publisher gives us the latest version soon. Of course as another user already mentioned in the reviews, the 'Unreliable speed indication' section is also missing from this wonderful package, which is a shame! So PLEASE provide us with the latest PDP updates as soon as they come out. Otherwise this book will become un-usable in the near future. Thank You
  • Missing some an normal parts

    By Nemran@8787
    It is useful if you add some an normally sections .
  • Lack of unreliable speed

    By Anriel999
    Lack of unreliable speed chapter,please add it in to pdp,thanks.