The Legend of Zelda: Forgotten Goddess - N. Felts

The Legend of Zelda: Forgotten Goddess

By N. Felts

  • Release Date: 2012-11-25
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 397 Ratings)

Book Details Summary

A Fan-Fiction novel based on the video game series. Chronologically following the events of Twilight Princess, Forgotten Goddess tells of a young boy on a familiar journey. Through forests and deserts, into temples of fire and shadow he must overcome obstacles never imagined. Every evil ever faced through the darkest moments of Hyrule's history cannot compare to the grand plot now manifesting.

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Feedback Reviews

  • What happened to rift In the end

    By Neonnightmareseeker
    Seriously this book was awesome I felt like a energetic 5 year old watching his cartoons best book but what happened to rift in the end and with mia I'm like so lost
  • It was good

    By Jack in the hat
    Recommend to everyone 10/10
  • Good book needed more sex scenes

    By The epicnox
    I thought this book was good until the ending disappointed that there was no sex. I masterbait to Legend Of Zelda Cut scenes or hell just porn on X-videos. What I'm is this generation is F$&@ed with people watching anime and making anime porn and stuff I'm just done with life. daddy??
  • (SPOILERS!) Rip Rift

    By Beastly little reader
    I Really Think This Is The Best Book I've Ever Read.
  • Really cool!

    By ThatOneGamerCale
    I really enjoyed reading this book. I loved the combat, the story, and the characters. I am glad to see lots of people love Zelda games as much as I do. At first I didn't know if I would like a Zelda book not mainly about Link, but so far I have really link the character Rift because I and probably many more people can relate to him. Not everyone can be Link the hero with a million items stuffed into his fairy tights. Really amazing book!!!
  • Amazing!

    By yoseryoshi
    Had me interested the whole way through, even in the beginning. I loved the ending, even though *spoiler alert kinda* it was sad but great twist. Wish this was a real book so I could buy a hundred copies! If only there could be a sequel ;-; I would rate 10/5 if I could
  • Multiply awesome by 1,000,000,000

    By Blahbehdjdmcj
    Ok this book was just amazing for once in all my life I'm able to say a book was amazing.For once in a book I could feel the emotions of the characters I felt sad when they were sad happy when they were it was just so hard to explain how amazing this book is.I bet if Iwata were alive to this day he would have loved this book if anyone is looking for a good long book to entertain them for a long time then here you go Legend of Zelda Forgotten Goddess AND not to mention all the people hating on this book have no reason except for character deaths and BTW none of them die they are just sent to new realms as seen in some of the Zelda video games even I support this author all the way it's hard to stop typing this there's so much more I want to say on how awesome this is!<3
  • Whyyyy 😭

    By Brycenthemagicalbanna2627
    Why did it have to end like that!!!😭😭😭😭
  • Loved it, spoilers ahead

    By Gpgrocker
    While I absolutely loved it, one thing does confuse me - how come the light arrow was able to injure Zelda? From what I can remember the light arrows are similar to the Master Sword, as in they only injure evil? Was it charged via the void or..?
  • Great

    By Belladonna1322
    nice job guys very nice job