The Long Way Home - Roslyn Bane

The Long Way Home

By Roslyn Bane

  • Release Date: 2017-07-11
  • Genre: Gay

Book Details Summary

Major Samantha Davies is a warrior. After being abandoned by her father and raised in a foster home, she has made the Marine Corps her life. As a helicopter pilot she has excelled under the demands of her career. Always a fierce competitor, she now faces her toughest with a disability that threatens her career and dealing with survivor’s guilt that threatens her emotional stability.
Lieutenant Commander Kristine Matthews is a highly skilled, combat experienced Navy Surgeon well accustomed to handling the worst destruction war can do to a person.
One fateful afternoon their paths cross and their lives change forever.
In a world where independence and strength are as valued as teamwork, and these two women struggle through rehabilitation, will they heal enough to live again and find happiness? Or will their shared experience destroy them?

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