Rethinking School: How to Take Charge of Your Child's Education - Susan Wise Bauer

Rethinking School: How to Take Charge of Your Child's Education

By Susan Wise Bauer

  • Release Date: 2018-01-09
  • Genre: Education

Book Details Summary

A best-selling expert on education shows how to make the school system work for your child.

Our K–12 school system is an artificial product of market forces. It isn’t a good fit for all—or even most—students. It prioritizes a single way of understanding the world over all others, pushes children into a rigid set of grades with little regard for individual maturity, and slaps “disability” labels over differences in learning style.

Caught in this system, far too many young learners end up discouraged, disconnected, and unhappy. And when they struggle, school pressures parents, with overwhelming force, into “fixing” their children rather than questioning the system.

With boldness, experience, and humor, Susan Wise Bauer turns conventional wisdom on its head: When a serious problem arises at school, the fault is more likely to lie with the school, or the educational system itself, than with the child.

In five illuminating sections, Bauer teaches parents how to flex the K–12 system, rather than the child. She closely analyzes the traditional school structure, gives trenchant criticisms of its weaknesses, and offers a wealth of advice for parents of children whose difficulties may stem from struggling with learning differences, maturity differences, toxic classroom environments, and even from giftedness (not as much of a “gift” as you might think!).

As the author of the classic book on home-schooling, The Well-Trained Mind, Bauer knows how children learn and how schools work. Her advice here is comprehensive and anecdotal, including material drawn from experience with her own four children and more than twenty years of educational consulting and university teaching.

Rethinking School is a guide to one aspect of sane, humane parenting: negotiating the twelve-grade school system in a way that nurtures and protects your child’s mind, emotions, and spirit.

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Feedback Reviews

  • Staunch advocate for our children and their uniqueness and their abilities to learn

    By Kapirona
    This book is a refreshingly straightforward review of our education system in the U.S. and it proposes many ways to flex it to improve the experience and outcome for our children. Throughout the book the author advocates for our children in a way that expanded my view of “normal” behaviors and she dignifies their many kinds of learning styles. She documents education regulations well enough to give us permission to pursue alternatives within the system or out of it. Further, by proposing so many alternative paths to follow, she reminds us how fun, adventurous and interesting learning should be. she reminds us how fun and interesti I found reading it to be a very grounding experience as I approach taking one of my three kids out of school to homeschool her. I have far less doubt about my decision to do so now, and rather, am very inspired to do so.