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The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

By Leopard Books

  • Release Date: 2016-12-09
  • Genre: Science Fiction

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The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey | A 15-Minute Summary & Analysis


Planet Earth looks like the next stop for the alien mothership.  One day, it appears overhead, making people wonder what will happen next.  Just ten days later, everything is left without power.  Humans begin to die.  As the waves come on, the human population is killed off in mass quantities.  Why are they doing this?  A tsunami wipes out the coasts of all the continents.  A plague is spread through the seemingly harmless birds.  Those who are left are living in tent camps.

Then the fourth wave comes.  They come and take all the children.  Those left behind blindly trust them.  After all, the Others now LOOK just like humans!  In this wave, Cassie’s five-year-old brother, Sammy, is taken to a place where they are assured he would be safe.  After the bus leaves, a total nightmare ensues.  The officers that promised them hope killed off all who remained in the camp.  Except Cassie.  Watching what had taken place, she gathers her strength and prepares to find her brother like she had promised when she put him on the bus.

Facing a life that she never knew existed, Cassie survives in the woods for some time before making the ultimate decision.  She would either find her brother or die trying.

Meanwhile, Sammy is being prepped to go into battle.  The camp he was taken to prepares children like himself to help wipe out the “infested.”  Or so they tell him.  Facing horrors that no child should face, Sammy is subjected to wartime training, dealing with human corpses, and being processed like he was nothing more than an animal.  Even though he endures these hardships, Sammy still holds onto the promise that Cassie will come back for him.  When his squad is promoted, he is left behind due to his age.  Zombie, the squad leader, also makes him the promise that he would come back for him.

Will Cassie or Zombie get back to Sammy before the world comes to an end?  After discovering the true nature of the Others, the odds are unlikely.  Cassie ends up wounded and left for dead.  Zombie ends up in a battle that seems hopeless.  After the truth begins to come out, both Cassie and Zombie know they have to get Sammy out of Camp Haven before it’s too late.

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