Bradford - Kathryn Hughes


By Kathryn Hughes

  • Release Date: 2015-02-01
  • Genre: Military

Book Details Summary

World War I claimed more than 995,000 British lives, and its legacy continues to be remembered today. Great War Britain: Bradford offers an intimate portrayal of the city and its people living in the shadow of the "war to end all wars." A beautifully illustrated and highly accessible volume, it describes local reaction to the outbreak of war; charts the experience of individuals who enlisted; the changing face of industry and related unrest; the work of the many hospitals in the area; the effect of the conflict on local children; and concludes with a chapter dedicated to how the city and its people coped with the transition to life in peacetime once more. The World War I story of Bradford is told through the voices of those who were there, and is vividly illustrated through evocative images.

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